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Bikes can be good for business

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Bikes can be good for business

Quick Launch

Cars, buses, trains and trams are not the only transport your colleagues can use to get to work - the bike has benefits too.

Making your workplace more cycle friendly can help create a healthier workforce who take fewer sick days, are better able to concentrate and are less stressed.

More and more people are discovering that the bicycle is not just for the weekend but can be a great way of getting to work too. Cycling can literally take the stress out of the daily commute:

  • It's low cost
  • It's good for everyone
  • It's door to door
  • There’s no need to worry about traffic jams or parking

At TfGM we’re here to help you and your business make cycling to work an attractive option for your staff.


That’s champion

Do you love cycling for leisure and to work? Are you passionate about letting your colleagues know about all the benefits of biking?

Transport for Greater Manchester is looking for people just like you to become a Workplace Cycle Champion.

There's no need to be a cycling expert, we’re just looking for enthusiastic people to get involved in the Workplace Cycle Champions Network to inspire colleagues to take to two wheels.

The role of a Workplace Cycle Champion can vary, from disseminating and passing on information and advice to setting up a Bicycle User Group (BUG). Ultimately, the role is to actively promote cycling to colleagues who cycle or would like to cycle to work.

There are many benefits to becoming a Workplace Cycle Champion:

  • Access to support and advice from the Better By Cycle team
  • Access to free cycle training
  • An opportunity to network with other like-minded people across Greater Manchester
  • Get a heads-up on the latest events and initiatives.

What's next

If this is something you would like to be a part of then sign up here to become a Workplace Cycle Champion.  You’ll receive a handy toolkit for your workplace, and as thanks for taking part we’ll give you a welcome goodie bag which includes all you need to help get you started.


Spread the word

Let us help you spread the cycling message to your staff.

When you join our commuter programme we will work with you to create a tailored programme to suit your needs. This could include on-site events and promotions, we also have a range of maps and other materials that might be useful.

Get the BUG.  We can help you set up a Bicycle User Group - a forum for existing and would-be cyclists to support and encourage cycling in the workplace. Find out more opposite.

Information & mapping

Our advisers can help you get the most out of your limited time and resources with a range of travel surveys, commuter maps, site audits and more.

Surveys and postcode plotting allow you to get a better picture of existing cycling patterns and where the potential for change lies

Cycle training

To build cycling confidence and skills we can arrange one-to-one cycle training with qualified instructors at a range of levels from nervous rider to experienced cyclist.

These bespoke sessions can

  • help find the quickest or safest route from home to work
  • give useful tips and advice about riding in traffic
  • improve commuting technique
  • equip you with skills to be a better cyclist

And to help your staff start and keep pedalling  we can also offer on-site ‘roadside repair’ courses to help keep their bike in tip top condition and make minor running repairs, mend punctures etc.

Led rides

Let our experienced ride leaders arrange a group ride for your staff from home to work or perhaps a lunchtime or after work outing. These rides are at a leisurely pace and are designed to give new cyclists practical experience of commuting.


As part of the LSTF Project TfGM can provide grants and match funding towards the cost of providing cycling facilities at your workplace.

Organisations receiving financial assistance will be required to commit to furthering cycling at their workplace by nominating a member of staff to act in a cycle liaison role as well as taking part in other relevant activities.

Loan bikes

For employees who prefer to try before they buy, we have a number of bikes (complete with helmet, lock and lights) which we can loan out to anyone who wants to trial their commute to work before they commit to buying a bike.

We can even  put together an attractive package of bike, plus cycle training and/or route planning - to entice even the most sceptical to get on their bike.