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Bike Locker Users' Club

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Bike Locker Users' Club

Quick Launch

Join the Bike Locker User’s Club (BLUC) parking scheme to access any locker in the club and use your bike to travel to train stations, bus stops and Metrolink stations in Greater Manchester.

Before joining ensure your bike will fit into the lockers. Lockers at train and bus stations are rectangular in shape and stand upwards on their smallest end. They are 68 cm wide, 110 cm deep and 190 cm high.  Metrolink stops have a mix of locker types both vertical (as above) and horizontal which measure 78 cm wide, 208 cm long and 143 cm high.

When you join you will get a key that will open any BLUC locker. When you want to use a BLUC locker here's what you do:

  • Use your BLUC key to open any empty locker
  • Attach your membership card to your bike
  • Place your bike in the locker and lock the door using your own personal padlock
  • Keep the BLUC padlock safe until you return for your bike
  • When you collect your bike you must replace your own padlock with the BLUC padlock to allow other people to use the locker


What is BLUC?

Why do I need to join the club?

How do I join?

How long is membership for?

How much does it cost?

How do I use the lockers?

Do I have my own personal bike locker?

Do I need my own padlock for the locker?

When do I use my own padlock?

When do I put the Transport for Greater Manchester padlock on?

Where are the lockers?

Which lockers can I use?

What happens if I lose the Transport for Greater Manchester padlock or key?

What happens if I leave my own padlock on an empty locker?

Can anyone else open the locker when my bike is inside?

Who cleans the lockers?

Who do I contact if I have a problem with the locker?

What If I decide to leave the BLUC scheme?